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In the past month, we have received calls from about half a dozen organizations specifically asking for help with turnover at their front line. This is a universal and serious challenge faced by many companies.   Read More
Frustration can often lead many of us down a wrong path relative to word choice and inappropriate control of human emotion. Can you think of a time (or several times) when you said something during a moment of frustration that you wish you could take back?   Read More
By and large, the digital age in the contemporary workplace is stimulating new demands on today’s workforce. The more our culture can adapt to the needs of people, the more organizations will attract, train, retain and sustain talent.   Read More
Who are the modern millennials? Are you ready to engage the new workforce as it continues to rapidly evolve? According to the 2017 Deloitte Millennial Survey, “Apprehensive millennials: seeking stability and opportunities in an uncertain world,” millennials are increasing loyalty to companies and seeking certainty in their life. “In fact, millennials in the U.S. are now more likely to say they will stay beyond five years than to leave within two. While these results signal better news for employers, the 38 percent of millennials globally who would leave the job within two years, if given the choice, is still high.”   Read More
While we (at Living As A Leader) have a key role in helping leaders learn how to maximize fulfillment and retention of their emerging workforce, we are not immune to some of the same challenges faced by the majority of organizations. Recently, I asked Alyce Peterson, the newest millennial on our team, to share some things about her onboarding experience at Living As A Leader.   Read More

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November 7, 2019
Learn about our signature services, the Living As A Leader Leadership Development System and Series. The System and Series, each built upon a combination of training plus coaching plus a variety of success assurances, equip leaders with tools to be intentional and confident in the choices they make, learning what to say and what to do to enhance their leadership effectiveness.  >>

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