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Thank you for your interest in learning about the public leadership development offerings of Living As A Leader.

Each spring and fall, we host two types of comprehensive leadership development series that you may consider. You may be looking for services for your own leadership development or for the leaders in your organization. Our public series are a great option to consider if your organization is not seeking an in-house solution for your full leadership population.

For the past 20+ years, organizations have appreciated the opportunity to enroll leaders during our spring and fall semesters, so to speak. In fact, some organizations have sent dozens of leaders throughout the years, one, two or even a dozen at a time.

Each public group that we launch is populated by individuals from a variety of organizations. A key benefit is the opportunity to learn from others working in different environments.

Below, click on the box that most interests you. Maybe it’s both!

Are you looking for a solution for leaders—yourself included—who are people managers?

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Are you are looking for a solution for your emerging leaders—individual contributors not yet in a formal leadership role?

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Not sure? We’d love to help you think through your options! You can contact Aleta Norris at Better yet, grab a 15-minute spot on her calendar HERE.