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Leadership Development Series 

Fall 2024 

Kenosha | Launch date October 3, 2024

Milwaukee | Launch date October 15, 2024


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One of our key services, the Living As A Leader Leadership Development Series, is a comprehensive, steady progress-over-time approach that equips leaders with depth and breadth of skill and knowledge. Participants include supervisors, managers, and other key leaders. In addition to offering this Series in-house, it is available as a Public Series option. This provides you the opportunity to send one or a few leaders at a time, launching each spring and each fall.

The Series consists of two critical elements for supporting the growth and development of leaders—skill-building workshops and coaching sessions with a leadership coach. Coaches help to ensure application of newly gained knowledge and skills in the workplace.

Leaders who successfully complete the Series will be workplace-ready—intentional and confident with the choices they make, instinctively knowing what to say and what to do.

It is important for participants of this Series to have formal direct reports. Our Emerging Leader Series is available for individual contributors who do not have direct reports.  

Skill building workshops

  • The Seven Most Common Mistakes Leaders Make
  • Be a Great Coach
  • Communicate By Design
  • Understand Your Leadership Style
  • Create a Culture of Employee Engagement
  • Maximize Performance 365 Days a Year
  • Support Yourself and Others Through Change
  • Resolve Conflict
  • Create Productive Meetings
  • Solve Problems, Make Sound Decisions
  • Focus Your Team
  • Lead By Design

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Not sure? We’d love to help you think through your options! You can contact Aleta Norris at Better yet, grab a 15-minute spot on her calendar HERE.