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Our typical framework for leadership coaching is outlined below. We are also adept at responding to the nuances that arise within specific leader situations and can effectively design a flexible approach to bring the most value to each person engaged in our leadership coaching process.

The one-on-one individualized support, in combination with practical application and accountability, provides a unique opportunity for development at any stage of a leader's career.

Framework for Leadership Coaching

Position The Process

The coaching participant’s leader will have a positioning conversation to introduce the concept of a leadership coach.

The leader of the coaching participant will explain why the investment is important and of value to the individual and the organization.

The coach can help the participant's leader prepare for this initial conversation.

Introduce The Coach

The coach and participating leader will meet for an introductory coaching session to establish a relationship and allow the leader an opportunity to share information (background, role, skills/abilities, challenges and goals).

A brief three-way meeting takes place during the final 30 minutes of the introductory meeting for all parties to become aligned around expectations, roles and outcomes.

Assess the Leader

The participating leader will complete an online DISC Style Assessment.

The participating leader will use our 360-degree feedback process to collect feedback from direct reports, peers and his/her direct leader.

Provide Feedback

The coach will meet with the participating leader to share the results of the DISC Style Assessment and the 360-degree feedback.

This is a very information-rich session in which comprehensive, balanced feedback is provided. Themes of strength and opportunity are defined and provide a springboard for developmental goals. The coach and participating leader will create an individual development plan based upon the feedback collected.

Following the feedback meeting between the coach and the participating leader, the feedback report is shared with the participant’s direct leader and a three-way meeting takes place to agree upon feedback themes and goals.


Upon completion of the assessment and feedback phase, the ongoing coaching process is typically comprised of two coaching sessions per month for three to six months. During these coaching sessions, the coach will provide the leader with a blend of education, support and accountability for change.

Each coaching session is typically 90 minutes in length. Goals and objectives are outlined for each session. Assignments and application are required in between the coaching sessions.

Evaluate Progress and Plan Next Steps

After three to six months, a three-way meeting takes place to assess progress, review goals and adjust the coaching process accordingly.

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