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360-Degree Feedback Assessment

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Living As A Leader offers a comprehensive 360-degree feedback assessment for your leaders. This easy-to-use, online assessment tool captures both quantitative and qualitative data.

Our customized 360-degree feedback report provides your leaders with a better understanding of their effectiveness in areas of accountability, inspiration, coaching, feedback, humility, integrity, communication and overall leadership.



Combining Living As A Leader’s expert knowledge in leadership effectiveness with EchoSpan’s cutting edge technology, our 360-degree feedback assessment tool and overall process provide many benefits:

  • Step-by-step instructions provided for all parties involved, including why the activity is being done and how the results will be used
  • Comprehensive analysis of meaningful skills that impact the performance of all leaders
  • Guaranteed confidential process
  • Both quantitative and qualitative questions that produce the most robust data for the leader to use for professional development
  • Monitored support from Living As A Leader, with follow-up reminders, ensures surveys are being completed by all reviewers
  • Facilitator-led, interactive debrief and interpretation of the 360-degree feedback report, including the initiation of a development plan

What Does the Process Look Like?

Participating Leader

  • Receives login information for their 360-degree feedback homepage
  • Submits feedback providers' contact information

Feedback Provider

  • Receives email with link to complete the assessment
  • Spends approximately 20 minutes providing feedback

Living As A Leader Coach

  • Schedules debrief session
  • Delivers final report to the participating Leader

In the many years that we’ve been providing support to leaders, 360-degree feedback assessments have always been a key component to success. They provide a well-rounded, confidential view of individual leadership effectiveness, and I truly believe we have one of the most practical and meaningful assessments in the market.

- Nancy Lewis, Partner, Living As A Leader

How We Utilize 360-Degree Feedback Assessments

Leadership Development Series

Leadership Development Series

The 360-degree feedback assessment is offered as an optional activity within the implementation of our Leadership Development Series. Feedback reports can be provided in a one-on-one coaching session or in a facilitated group setting of up to 20 participants.

In the group setting, each person receives only their feedback report and does not share specific results with others. A development plan is initiated as part of the process. 

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Individual Leadership Coaching

Our framework for individual custom leadership coaching includes a 360-degree feedback assessment of the leader at the very beginning of the coaching process.

The 360-degree feedback report is then used to establish priority areas for development and ongoing coaching. An optional assessment can be completed at the end of a project for evaluation of progress.

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Custom Projects

Living As A Leader is happy to discuss your custom leadership development needs and incorporate our 360-degree feedback assessment as applicable.

Frequently Asked Questions

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  Who assesses the leader?

Because the purpose of a 360-degree feedback assessment is to get feedback from a variety of people who work with the leader, three main categories of team members are asked to participate in the feedback process: direct reports, peers and direct leaders. A good number of feedback providers is 15-20 people for a comprehensive report.

The participating leader will also complete a self-evaluation by responding to the same questions as all other feedback providers.

  How long does the assessment take?

The online assessment takes approximately 20 minutes for each respondent to complete.

  How is individual survey respondent feedback kept anonymous?

The anonymity of respondents is the key to a successful 360-degree feedback assessment. To accomplish this, the participating leader will receive aggregate scores and comments, not individual responses.

  What if all the questions do not apply to the person providing the feedback?

Detailed instructions are provided at the beginning of the assessment, explaining how to answer the questions. If there are questions that don’t apply specifically to the feedback respondent, that person may want to consider the interactions they observe this person having with others. The respondent can also select “N/A” for questions that don’t apply to either of these situations.

  What are the specific competencies that are evaluated?

Our 360-degree feedback assessment provides questions on the leader’s effectiveness in areas of accountability, inspiration, coaching, feedback, humility, integrity, communication and overall leadership.

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