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Thank you for visiting our Live As A Leader page.  From this page, you can order copies of Live As A Leader and download resources.


About the book: 

“Leading people is a lot harder than I expected!”

You might have muttered these words more than once. Any leader who has spent long hours enmeshed in messy projects, worked to rally a misaligned team, or dealt with difficult people has wondered if there is an easier way to have an impact, enact positive change, and achieve desired results through others. A better way is possible. There is a better way to lead.  

In this book, you will discover . . .

  • concrete steps to lead with greater confidence and capability
  • exercises and practical activities to strengthen your leadership in real time
  • stories of how leaders at all levels have changed the environment around them by first changing themselves

Live As A Leader offers an inside look at how leaders can learn leadership principles, empower others around them, and grow a productive and inspired team.

The authors of this book have spent more than three decades studying leadership, training leaders, and helping to instill leadership principles into the cultures of businesses, non-profits, and government organizations. They share with you the effective steps to become a leader—at work, at home, and in life.

YOU can live as a leader!

Company cultures make or break your business—don't be caught with a toxic culture that brings your team or organization down! Live As A Leader demystifies what you may be doing that’s keeping your team from being their most effective. Whether you’ve just become a manager or have been a leader for most of your career, this book is a must-read!

—Marshall Goldsmith, New York Times No. 1 bestselling author of Triggers, Mojo, and What Got You Here Won’t Get You There


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  1. Order hardcover, paperback and kindle versions on Amazon. Our book is available on Audible, so if you prefer to listen to your books, look it up!

  2. Want autographed copies?  Order HERE.

  3. Questions about your book order plans or options? Want to place a large order? Contact Aleta Norris at or at 414-708-1472.

Book Resources

In this section, you can download the exercises and worksheets that are included in the book. The Resource Guide includes everything.  The other three planners and worksheets are more frequently used processes, so we’ve pulled them from the full guide so you can easily grab a clean copy each time you need to use the process.

Praise for Live As A Leader

The powerful “secret sauce” in Live As A Leader is liberally spread throughout every chapter embedded in the rich stories of real people in real situations, making the insights, lessons, and tools the authors offer us come vibrantly alive. This is one book that will fill you up to the brim with “aha” moments that will stick to your bones and that you can immediately apply to your work and your life. A MUST-READ!

—Roxi Bahar Hewertson, CEO at Highland Consulting Group, Inc. and Executive Leadership Coach; Author of Lead Like it Matters . . . Because It Does and Hire Right, Fire Right: A Leader’s Guide To Finding And Keeping Your Best People

Live As A Leader is not just any book. While reading it, I felt like I was attending an inspiring workshop. The chapter on Resolving Conflict would single-handedly justify the book. I immediately implemented the following tools in my organization: Recognizing Conflict Questionnaire and Mediation Meeting Planner. Buy it for your people leaders!

—Derek Deprey, Head of Employee Success and Director of Leadership Development at ETE Reman and Author of SHIFT: Move from Frustrated to Fulfilled

As competition for talent heats up in today’s market, effective leaders will become the distinct advantage for organizations to attract, develop, and retain great employees. Aleta, Nancy, and John’s message is that if you are continuously open to becoming a better leader, you will inspire and uplift others.

—Chris Smith, EVP International and Chief Brand Officer at Jockey International, Inc.

Live As A Leader provides a realistic roadmap for anyone that aspires to be an effective leader. Whether you are a formal or informal leader, you will benefit by applying the principles of real-life leadership presented throughout this book.

—Michael Draver, SVP and GM LPI

Live As A Leader provides perspective to leaders that helps them see things from the employee’s point of view. It follows that up with practical tools and tips to implement truly effective leadership. When applied, leaders will be able to inspire their teams while holding them accountable, which will ultimately lead to success.

—Christine A. Specht, CEO at Cousins Subs

In this book, the chapter “Coach, Don’t Confront” will give you many powerful takeaways. Learn how you can give your team what they crave and bring out their very best. I have worked with Living As A Leader over the past fifteen years, and this book encapsulates the tools of their teachings. Believe me, this approach works.

—Gregg Weber, Plant President, RRD

Aleta, Nancy, and John’s book about the importance of accountability and inspiration is a fantastic source of leadership information. It is also a great workbook to help you apply it in your life and on the job right away. This book will help you accomplish better results for yourself and your team!

—Cory Bouck, Regional Business Director–Asia/Pacific at Johnsonville Sausage, LLC and Author of The Lens of Leadership: Being the Leader Others WANT to Follow

Of all the wonderful concepts and exercises in Live As A Leader, the Box of Life exercise will be transformational for leaders. To be given the tool of looking at people from a different perspective due to their different life experiences can break down barriers. In the questions lie the answers!

—Phil Areddia, Vistage Chair and Former President and CEO

Living As A Leader was instrumental in developing our people leadership culture at the company I previously led. In this book, you’ll find key elements of their great training program and competence boost that empowered our managers with hands-on leadership methods and helped us form a strong leadership team!

—Markus Rauchhaus, CEO at Nott Company

Working with Living As A Leader has taught me that maintaining strong leadership is a constant endeavor. Balancing accountability and inspiration, staying outward-facing, demonstrating appreciation, taking on hard conversations are daily events when done properly. Live As A Leader demonstrates the skills your organization will need to maintain an intentional commitment to excellence.

—Gene Guskowski , Founding Principal at AG Architecture