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DISC Style Assessment

Understand Your Interpersonal Style 


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What Is DISC?

DISC is an assessment tool that provides a universal language of observable human behavior, essentially “how you do what you do.” A person’s behavioral style or “DISC” style is not good or bad, right or wrong; it simply provides an understanding of how he or she interacts with others. There are four behavioral styles within the DISC model:

  • Dominance
  • Influence
  • Steadiness
  • Compliance 

We use the TTI Success Insights®, DISC assessment because of its “best in class” comparison, depth in assessment, relevance to training and development initiatives and comprehensive insight. The DISC assessment is based on long-time, solid research that is proven and trusted by Fortune 1000 companies of every industry type around the world. 

Living As A Leader is a certified distributor of the DISC assessment. 


BENEFITS of disc

Assessing an individual’s DISC style, and then sharing and educating team members on each other’s DISC report, results in positive benefits for those who work together. 

  • Identify an individual’s own style 
  • Understand how others perceive an individual’s style 
  • Equip leaders and team members with the skill to identify, understand and appreciate people who have a different style 
  • Provide a process to communicate with different styles 
  • Improve collaboration and productivity

At Living As A Leader, we have used the DISC assessment for over 20 years and continue to be astounded by the validity and reliability of the instrument as expressed by participants. We consistently hear comments like, “This is 99% accurate. How can this be so dead on? This is me to a tee!”

- Nancy Lewis, Partner, Living As A Leader

How We Utilize the DISC Report with Clients

Team Working Sessions

Teams can use the DISC assessment to become familiar with the similarities and differences among members of the team and to better understand team dynamics. Teams also gain greater appreciation for diversity of individual needs and preferences. Through the use of DISC, team agreements can be made to drive greater results.

Understand Your Leadership Style Workshop

Living As A Leader offers a four-hour workshop for individuals, leaders, teams and entire organizations to gain an overview of their DISC style and how to apply the report information across relationships in the workplace. An action plan is developed by each participant to improve on workplace relationship.

Individual Coaching

The DISC assessment is used in individual coaching to increase awareness of style and the impact of style on relationships with others. Based upon DISC results, an individual development plan is created as a foundation for application and action. At times, two individuals in the workplace are receiving coaching in order to improve their working relationship and results. The DISC assessment is great for “paired” coaching as well!

What Our Clients Are Saying

"Not only did I gain great insight about my own DISC style, even more important, I realized that I need to intentionally adapt my style to effectively interact with others in the workplace."

– Living As A Leader client

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