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You may be here because you are looking for a leadership development product for your organization. And you’re hoping to not reinvent the wheel.

Or, perhaps you’re here, because you are a consultant, and you would like to provide a leadership development product for your customers.

Regardless of the audience you are a part of, you may share one thing in common:  you don’t want to create the leadership development solution.

Instructional design is a lot of work. 



  • We’ve packaged our comprehensive Leadership Development Series for you, along with all of the components that have been included to maximize the likelihood for success. 
  • We are lifelong leadership development experts and instructional designers.
  • We’ve been refining our solution for more than 20 years. It works.   
  • We have hundreds of satisfied customers.  
  • We’ve impacted the effectiveness of thousands of leaders. 
  • And, we improved the work experience of tens of thousands of employees…by giving them better leaders.  

Review the information below and determine if this resonates with you.

Frequently Asked Questions

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  What is the Living As A Leader Series?

The Living As A Leader Series is a comprehensive leadership development process that is comprised of workshop content, supported by a coaching component, and then further supported by a variety of reinforcement tools.

You can learn most about the series by clicking HERE.

  What do I receive in my Living As A Leader Train-the-Trainer Certification?

You will receive the following items in your Trainer’s Kit:

  • Facilitator Guide for each of the workshops you purchase in your certification.
  • PowerPoint Presentation
  • One-Page Executive Summary
  • Mobile App Tips and To Do’s (this is a list of eight micro-learning reinforcements that are pushed out to your participating leaders, one per week). 
  • Laminated tip cards
  • Leadership journal
  • Laminated input questions (used during live kick-off events) 
  • Additional support tools used during the facilitation of various workshops

You will also receive the following items to support your implementation: 

  • A step-by-step implementation guide
  • Templates to build your rosters and master schedule
  • Kick-off event support tools and scripts
  • How-to guides: 
    • How to order materials
    • How to purchase and administer the mobile app
    • How to purchase and administer the 360-degree feedback assessment 
    • How to purchase and administer the DISC behavioral style profile.
  What does the certification process look like?

Step One: You will place your order for the workshops you’d like to purchase for T-3 certification and receive your trainer’s kit.

Step Two: You will set up access to an online Living As A Leader Train-the-Trainer Certification Library where you can access a variety of videos and downloads to build comfort with the content and with the implementation.

Step Three: For each of the workshops you purchase in your T3 kit, you will have a one-hour one-on-one coaching call to ensure all of your questions for that particular content piece are answered. You are also welcome to talk with your coach about any implementation-related questions.

You will establish your own pace.

  What is the investment to be certified?

The per-workshop investment is based upon how many workshops you select to be certified in.  Your investment will range from $750 to $1250 per workshop.

  What are the ongoing costs?

After you are fully certified, your ongoing costs will be related to the purchase of materials: workbooks, access to mobile app and eLearning, 360-degree feedback assessment, DISC leadership style profile and Thomas Kilmann Conflict Mode Assessment.  You will be able to purchase these at a discounted rate as a bundle or a’la carte.

  How can I take a closer look?

We have a few ways you can take a closer look at the content.  Let’s chat about your interest and create a personal plan for you to view the content. 

Are you ready to chat?  Grab a spot on my calendar at

What Our Clients Say About Us

"Living as A Leader Trainer Certification is excellent. The trainer was professional and modeled the skills in a non-threatening environment that set everyone up for success. We received feedback from the facilitator and each other that we could apply immediately. I have certifications from multiple national training providers. This program is well designed, and it provides all the tools a trainer needs to successfully implement the leadership development model. You can tell it was developed by trainers for trainers."

- Vice President, Continuing Education and Organizational Development, 2000-employee education institution


We have a few ways you can take a closer look at the content.  Let’s chat about your interest and create a personal plan for you to view the content. 

Grab a spot on my calendar at