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Growing Your Leadership Resources with Social Media

 October 13, 2023   By Living As A Leader

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Growing Your Leadership Resources with Social Media

Social media has erupted in our culture as an essential tool in our daily lives. Look at these staggering statistics from SmartInsights—58.4% of the world's population now uses social networks, with an average daily use time of two hours and 27 minutes. These numbers reinforce how commonplace this digital resource has become.

What are the best platforms to use for professional development?

Since more than half of the world is using social media, you are likely one of those individuals. But are you using your social network for professional purposes? According to CareerAddict, the number one professional social media platform is LinkedIn. You won’t see many entertaining videos or vacation pics on this platform because its mission is to connect professionals.

Another platform making incredible headway in professional development is YouTube. This platform boasts an impressive 2.5 billion users a day and comes in second overall as the most visited site in the world. Why would a video-based content provider be important to you? Because so many of the videos on this platform are chock full of resources, education, and information.

As a leader, what are the benefits to embracing the social world?

Utilizing these platforms can be an effective strategy for staying on the cutting edge of things that impact your industry. Have you ever had a challenge as a leader and questioned how to handle it? Perhaps reaching out to a fellow colleague online could provide a solution. By following influencers, reading publications, and learning about special events, you have an opportunity to advance your field of knowledge.

How can you harness the power of social media?

When technology and networking collide, critical information can surface. Networking used to mean a breakfast meeting, committee event, afternoon roundtable discussion, or evening cocktail gathering. Though these are all still beneficial, they are not nearly as efficient as connecting in the digital world. By “meeting” on a social network, you can connect globally. Information, articles, and insights can be shared instantly. With a simple click of the mouse, you can reach out to your entire network. Networking and professional development become a daily activity instead of a scheduled event.

According to bdc, building your social presence, posting engaging content with your network, and practicing good etiquette can add value to your social media success.

Overall, social media can be a great means of growing professionally. Living As A Leader posts each weekday with fresh content. Our hope is that you will find us a valuable resource as you continue your leadership journey.



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