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Leadership Tips
Accept responsibility for establishing and maintaining healthy interpersonal relationships with your staff.
A leader takes the lead.  Get to know the people you work with.  Be available to them.  Take an interest in their lives.

Avoid the 3 “Bs.”
A leader will not bicker, backbite, or blame.  To foster a healthy and happy work environment, a leader will discourage those destructive behaviors in others.

Give yourself permission to make mistakes.

Sometimes you're going to be wrong.  That's O.K.  Show your team that human errors are opportunities for forgiveness and growth.

Tell the truth.
Lies, half-truths and misinformation lead to an inevitable erosion of trust and confidence.

Uphold the legal and safety obligations of your organization.
Abiding by the law will make your employees feel safe, protected and valued.

Foster a work environment where employees feel free to speak up.
No one wins when employees are afraid to express their opinions, ideas, criticisms, and suggestions.  An oppressive workplace causes employees to resent their leader.

Live your values.
Your employees look to you for consistency.  If you plan to hold them accountable for upholding these values and standards, you must hold yourself accountable too.

Develop an awareness of your Emotional Intelligence.

A leader's self-awareness, self control, collaboration with others, and the ability to resolve conflict is enhanced when you learn to manage and control your emotions.

Work side by side with your team members.
You will gain the respect of your employees by demonstrating that you are competent and hardworking.  And you will be setting a great example.

Inspire, don´t bully.
A leader´s power comes from being a person your team admires and respects.  Getting what you want through humiliation and fear will only create resentment.

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