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Join Us On Social Media: 2024 Updates

Welcome To The Team: Derek Deprey

Leadership Blog: Preparing for Uncertainty as a Leader

Upcoming Events: Public Leadership Development Series and Public Emerging Leader Series

Share Your Opinion: What changes do you feel could impact leadership the most?



2024 Updates

We want to ensure we provide fresh and useful content on our social media outlets. Our goal is that you will have another resource for leadership information.

Bi-annually, our content will release new weekly themes. For the first half of 2024 you will find the themes below featuring fresh content every weekday.

Monday you’ll find updates about leadership material and product spotlights. Tuesday, we’ll share a testimonial from someone who has experienced one of Living As A Leader’s products. Next, you will find our ongoing video series, Watch It Wednesday. This series presented by members of our team provides information directly related to our Monday Material. The Thursday Three highlights—you guessed it—three leadership points. Finally, the week wraps up with a poll question designed to share results on pressing leadership topics.

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Derek Deprey
Facilitator & Coach

Derek Deprey has an extensive and diverse background in leadership development and management. He spent three years as the Head of Employee Success and Director of Leadership Development for ETE REMAN, the nation’s largest remanufacturer of transmissions and a USA Top Workplace.  His varied career background also includes roles with Wisconsin Athletic Club (WAC) as Director of People & Service, Director of Training & Development, and General Manager over a span of 12 years. During his tenure at the WAC, Derek became a certified speaker & coach with the John Maxwell Team.

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Preparing for Uncertainty as a Leader

“Change is the process by which the future invades our lives.”—Alvin Toffler, writer and futurist  

As we start a new year, it’s easy to anticipate all sort of uncertainty and change on the horizon. 

Artificial Intelligence seems to be growing every day. Another election cycle is picking up. You never know when Taylor Swift will announce more concert dates that will throw travel plans into a frenzy. 

Yes, unknowns of all sizes do create changes that cause ripple effects from the economy to our personal lives. For leaders, navigating uncertainties is an essential skill to maintain a sense of trust, consistency and stability in the culture. 

Here are tips for leaders to stay strong while the world shifts and changes around them. 

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Public Leadership Development Series and Public Emerging Leader Series

Each spring and fall, we host two types of comprehensive leadership development series that you may consider. You may be looking for services for your own leadership development or for the leaders in your organization. Our public series are a great option to consider if your organization is not seeking an in-house solution for your full leadership population.

For the past 20+ years, organizations have appreciated the opportunity to enroll leaders during our spring and fall semesters, so to speak. In fact, some organizations have sent dozens of leaders throughout the years, one, two or even a dozen at a time.

Each public group that we launch is populated by individuals from a variety of organizations. A key benefit is the opportunity to learn from others working in different environments.

Below, click on the box that most interests you. Maybe it’s both!

Are you looking for a solution for leaders—yourself included—who are people managers?


Are you are looking for a solution for your emerging leaders—individual contributors not yet in a formal leadership role?


What changes do you feel could impact leadership the most?


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