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Frequently Asked Questions

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  What is an emerging leader?

An “emerging leader” is an individual contributor who is a strong performer and anticipates moving into a leadership role at some point in the future. Other organizations may define it differently.

  What is the Living As A Leader Emerging Leader Series?

A six-workshop Series composed of half-day workshops, small group coaching, and weekly reinforcement tips and to do’s.

  Who is the audience for this Series?

This Series is designed for individual contributors not yet in a leadership role. This may include individual contributors with broad reach in their responsibilities, influencers, project managers, team leads, and individuals being prepared for future leadership roles. A key distinguisher for participation in this Series is having zero direct reports on the org chart.    

  Can formal leaders of people participate?

No. So that we can keep the audience and context aligned, this Series is available only for non-leaders of people. Formal leaders can participate in the Living As A Leader 12-Month Leadership Development Series.

  How should we determine who should participate in the Emerging Leader Series?

Great question! You can look at a couple of things: the qualities of your high-potential employees and the desire that they have to be developed. Consider your employees who are self-starters, look for additional assignments, help others, take initiative, put in extra time, ask questions, show willingness to do whatever needs to be done, show an openness to feedback, and ask for opportunities for development.

  What if someone misses a workshop?

We will ensure that the participant receives his or her materials. We request they go through their workbook, complete any of the activities they can in a self-directed manner. Their coach will use some of the coaching session time to cover highlights. They may be able to attend a future workshop of that topic to make up for the missed content.

  If I enroll more than one person, do I get a discount?

We offer group discounts when you book three or more participants. 

  • Register three leaders and receive 10% off each registration
  • Register four leaders and receive 15% off each registration
  • Register five leaders or more and receive 20% off each registration