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Derek Deprey

Facilitator and Coach, Living As A Leader®

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Meet Derek Deprey

Derek Deprey has an extensive and diverse background in leadership development and management. He spent three years as the Head of Employee Success and Director of Leadership Development for ETE REMAN, the nation’s largest remanufacturer of transmissions and a USA Top Workplace.  His varied career background also includes roles with Wisconsin Athletic Club (WAC) as Director of People & Service, Director of Training & Development, and General Manager over a span of 12 years. During his tenure at the WAC, Derek became a certified speaker & coach with the John Maxwell Team.

Derek’s passion for leadership development led him to start his own company in 2014, Fit to Lead, which specializes in workshops, keynotes, and coaching.  He authored two books, SHIFT: Move from Frustrated to Fulfilled in 2017, and Everyday Leaders: Small Actions, Big Results in 2024. While writing, he spent eight years as an Adjunct Professor of Leadership at Wisconsin College, a top ranked college by Forbes, Money Magazine, and the Wall Street Journal.

Derek has a great deal of coaching experience in his wheelhouse. He spent four years as a Video Scout in the NBA for the Milwaukee Bucks, two years as the Coordinator of Basketball Operations in the NCAA for Marquette University, and one year as the Director of Player Development with the University of Utah.  

On the Living As A Leader® team, Derek is a Leadership Facilitator and Coach, transforming managers into leaders, varying from the high potential candidate for leadership, just newly promoted to leadership, and team leads to C-suite executives.  

“If there is anything I’ve learned, it’s that now is the time to build your career, shape your life, and strategically lay the foundation for accomplishing your dreams and prospering to your true potential. While there are many people who try to accomplish this, very few of them are given a roadmap of where to start; so, I hope you will find me as a resource for getting your compass pointed in the right direction.”

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