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Corporate Leadership Development System

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Develop entire groups of leaders, in-house.

Would you like several (or all) of your leaders to develop their skills at the same time, creating an aligned, consistent leadership culture?  Inviting us in-house to conduct our Leadership Development System may be your most efficient option.  


The Leadership Development System, our fastest-growing service, is a comprehensive, steady-progress-over-time approach to developing your leaders.  Our multi-faceted approach helps to ensure application, retention and sustainability of the language, skills and approach that your leaders are introduced to.  Our System includes:

  • Workshops for an introduction to skills
  • Coaching sessions to reinforce the application to leaders' day-in-and-day-out leadership of your employees
  • A variety of success assurances and reinforcement tools to further strengthen application and retention.  Just a few examples include micro-learning reinforcements, the role of 'leaders of leaders' and access to eLearning for refreshers.
  • Measure and assessment

Whether your leaders are in a single location, or you have hundreds of leaders working across multiple locations, our System is designed for the gradual, sustainable development of your leaders over time.


A Quick Look at the Leadership Development System:


Leadership Development System Overview

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If you’d like to know more about how Living As A Leader can help maximize your leadership effectiveness, contact us at OR if you’d prefer to talk to a live person, contact Steph Kotlarek or 414.704.9955.

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