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Certification for Leadership Development Consultants

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Certification for Leadership Development Consultants

  •  Do you want to expand your portfolio of leadership development products and services offered in your market?
  •  Are you looking to add a proven revenue stream to your business?  
  •  Are you interested in a ready-built process?

As a certified trainer, you will work within an effective, sustainable process.  One that is actively managed to remain relevant. 


We keep things simple... both for the participating leaders and for the facilitators.  The Leadership Development System is a process, not a program or an event.


We incorporate: 

  • Skill-building Workshops
  • Coaching Sessions
  • Success Assurance Tools and Activities
  • eLearning Courses

The System is built upon concepts of steady progress over time and manageable development for a lot of leaders rather than for a few.  


If you feel there's just never enough time to develop your own products and services, this may be for you.   We've built a robust, comprehensive system that you may now make available to your clients and prospects.  


Are you interested?  


Read Certification for Leadership Development Consultants Overview

Read Additional Information and Answers to Frequently Asked Questions


If you're interested in what you've read, and would like to know more, contact Aleta Norris at 414.708.1472 or



Serving Clients Across The Nation

We currently serve organizations across the USA.


Learn how you can become certified in our Leadership Development System and bring Living As A Leader to your company. 


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