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Women In Senior Leadership Mastermind Group


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Get support, develop relationships and have the types of conversations you can't have at work.

Join a group of hard-working, achievement-oriented female leaders

Nancy Lewis and Aleta Norris, co-founders of Living As A Leader, have been supporting and coaching women in leadership for over 20 years. They have heard from countless women in leadership who grapple with the challenges of being one of the few, or only, females on the senior leadership team.

We often hear things like

I'm one of the only women in a male-dominated industry.

I don't play golf or hunt. Is this hindering my advancement?

There's no one to go to for support where I work.

Nancy and Aleta have decided to take action and provide a solution for what women have been asking for. The Women in Senior Leadership Mastermind Group, facilitated by Nancy and Aleta, will meet monthly at the Living As A Leader office in Brookfield, Wisconsin.



What's Included

  • Monthly Mastermind Group sessions
  • Two one-hour, one-on-one coaching sessions, facilitated by Aleta and Nancy
  • DISC, StrengthsFinder, Thomas-Kilmann Conflict, and 360-Degree Feedback Assessments
  • Private Facebook Community group for additional accountability and support between meetings

Membership benefits

Leadership Development Series

Insights and Solutions

Gain insights and solutions to challenges you face in your unique role.

Leadership Development Series

Support and Accountability

We provide a safe space to come to for support, accountability, idea sharing and progress.

Leadership Development Series

Develop Relationships

Network and connect with women who are in situations similar to yours.

Frequently Asked Questions

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  What is a Mastermind?

A mastermind group is a group of like-minded individuals who come together to offer and receive expertise from each other. Masterminds rely on the collective experience, knowledge, expertise, and wisdom of the group for problem solving and accountability for forward progress. Members have similar experience levels, ambitions for success, and a commitment to growth.

  Why are we forming a Mastermind Group specifically for Women In Senior Leadership?

We have consistently had women express interest in receiving support for challenges they face, often influenced by having minority representation at the senior-most level of leadership within their industry or within their company.

  Who is this for?

Women in the Greater Milwaukee area who are in a CEO role, president role, or VP role (reporting directly to the CEO or president).

  What is the purpose of Living As A Leader’s “Mastermind Group for Women In Leadership?”

The purpose of this group is to provide women in senior levels of leadership a collaborative place to discuss challenges, solve problems, advance goals, foster accountability and feel supported by others facing the same kinds of challenges. The talent of the facilitator is a key component in the success of the group.  Nancy Lewis and Aleta Norris, co-founders of Living As A Leader, will be the facilitators of the group.

  What is the group size?

Each Mastermind Group will have 8 - 10 women.

  How often will we meet?

The Mastermind Group will have regularly scheduled monthly meetings.

  What is the meeting format?
  • Each 90-minute meeting will be comprised of:
    • members sharing knowledge, best practices, expertise and wisdom
    • member leadership challenges
    • book review conversations
    • assessments and assessment debriefs
    • other topics and priorities as identified by the group
  • Meetings will be held at the Living As A Leader office in Brookfield, Wisconsin.
  • We will establish guidelines as a group for how we will interact during meetings, as well as how we will interact with one another outside of regularly scheduled monthly meetings.
  Where will we meet?

Mastermind Group meetings will be facilitated at the Living As A Leader office in Brookfield, Wisconsin.

  What else is included in the Mastermind Group experience:
  • Each participant of the Mastermind Group will have two one-hour, one-on-one coaching sessions available to them.
  • We will read and discuss two books over the course of our year together.
  • Assessments will be woven into the process: (DISC, StrengthsFinder, Thomas Kilman Conflict Assessment; 360-Degree Feedback)
  • Members will participate in a private Facebook community for added accountability and interaction.
  What will you get as a member of our “Mastermind Group for Women In Leadership?”
  • You will gain insights and solutions to challenges you face in your unique role.
  • You will have a place to come to for support, accountability, idea sharing and progress.
  • You will develop relationships with women who are in situations similar to yours.
  What is the annual investment?

You have two options:

  • $550 per month
  • $6,000 paid in full

APPLY today

Our first group will be forming and launching in May 2020. We hope you will join us!


Do you have questions?

For more information, contact Aleta Norris at or 414-708-1472