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  Public Emerging Leader Series

One of the common challenges faced by organizations today is the retention of key talent, particularly of high-potential employees. Research shows individuals with less than two years on the job expressed the strongest turnover intentions. The emerging talent of our organizations today has a high turnover risk with more than 25 percent of young professionals planning to leave their jobs each year. Consistently, we are asked what support we can provide for the high-performing individual contributor who has not yet moved into a formal leadership role.

Similar to all of our work, the Emerging Leader Series is a process, not a program or an event. This is a crucial distinction to many opportunities that are available in the realm of professional development. While content is important, the process is multi-faceted to ensure better results!

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  Public Leadership Development Series

The Leadership Development Series is our process for transforming a collection of trained leaders into a sustainable leadership culture. We strive to equip all leaders at all levels with the same language, skill and approach in a steady-progress-over-time fashion. Having effective leaders throughout your organization helps increase profits and productivity, and reduce waste and cost.

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  eLearning Courses

On-Demand Individual Leadership Development Courses

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