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Melanie Romas

Facilitator and Coach, Living As A Leader®

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Meet Melanie romas

Melanie has over twenty years of experience in small, medium and large company cultures. She excels at people-focused work including professional development, coaching, training and recruitment.

At Living As A Leader, Melanie is a facilitator and coach where she leverages her skills to help leaders identify, enhance and master impactful leadership tools.

Prior to Living As A Leader, Melanie was a Human Resource Manager/Consultant and Recruiter. Over the years, her human resource roles in healthcare, service and manufacturing organizations have honed her training and development talent. In addition, ten years of living and working abroad has provided Melanie with insight to recognize and navigate cultural differences.

Melanie holds a degree in business management, yet her most valuable education comes from colleagues, mentors and life experiences. 

“The best part of my work is supporting and witnessing someone transition from manager to leader.”

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Facilitator and Coach, Living As A Leader®

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