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laura Smyer

Facilitator and Coach, Living As A Leader®

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Meet Laura Smyer

Laura Smyer has more than 20 years of experience in leadership, facilitation and coaching in small, medium and large organizations.  She leads with compassion and authenticity in an infectious manner which inspires and enables others to achieve their best.

From equine, to banking, and even healthcare, Laura has a broad spectrum of experience that  enables her to bring the Living As A Leader models and principles to life in a practical and relatable manner.  Laura applies the leadership concepts and models to a multitude of audiences from entry level leaders through C-suite executives.

Laura is passionate about creating space for self-discovery to create real and lasting change within organizational cultures.  She wears many hats as a speaker, facilitator, mentor, coach, trainer and professional content writer.  Her passion shines in the study of human communication behaviors.

Laura joined the Living As A Leader Team in 2022 as a facilitator and leadership coach.  She focuses on the delivery of the Leadership Development Series workshops, small group, and one-on-one coaching.

Additional Expertise:

  • 20 + years in leadership roles
  • Lead Facilitator and Co-creator of Life Quest Seminars
  • Senior Facilitator, Mentor, Coach, Trainer, and Content Creator for a national healthcare company
  • Global Priority Solutions Master Facilitator
  • Klemmer & Associates Certified Personal Mastery and Leadership Coach
  • BA Communication Studies with a minor in Philosophy, Texas Tech University

What we believe about ourselves and the world around us determines how we treat ourselves and the world around us. And that permissions others to do the same. What do you permission?

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laura Smyer

Facilitator and Coach, Living As A Leader®

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