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Your Boss Just Gave You an Objective. Now What?
By: John Rutkiewicz

The other day, a leader I coach – we’ll call him Jim – said to me: “My boss gives broad direction about what I’m supposed to accomplish, but she doesn’t give details about what she wants to see. At the end of December, she said, ‘Next year, I want you to increase distributor sales.’ “What am I supposed to do with that?” Read More

Overcome the Challenges of Managing Your Manager
By: Glenn Marczewski

One of the top reasons many people still leave their company is because of their boss. So what do you do if you struggle with “managing your manager?” Read More

(Re)building Trust in Leadership
By: Nancy Lewis

Trust impacts us 24/7, 365 days a year. It undergirds and affects the quality of every relationship. Trusting someone means that you think they are reliable, you have confidence in them and you feel safe with them, both physically and emotionally. Trust means confidence. Read More

Leading Remote Teams - Staying Connected Despite the Distance
By: Patrice McGuire

As a leader you must be mindful and intentional in leading from afar. “Out of sight, out of mind” doesn’t work well if you want to keep your remote workers engaged and productive. Here are 6 strategies to manage remote teams: Read More

Seven Nuggets to Strengthen Employee Engagement and Retention
By: Aleta Norris

In this blog, Aleta Norris shares seven small nuggets that make a big difference for improving the employee experience and increasing the likelihood that they will (happily) stay with your company for years to come. Read More

Success Checks: How to Follow-up with Employees so They Don’t Drop the Ball
By: Rick Piraino

In the Harvard Business Review article, “Your Coaching Is Only as Good as Your Follow-Up Skills,” it states: “No matter how successful a coaching session feels while it’s underway, if it doesn’t lead to change after it’s over, it hasn’t been effective.” Often, employee agreements to achieve goals or make change represent goodwill but not good strategy. Read More

5 Rules for Being a Person Others Want to Follow
By: John Rutkiewicz

Leadership isn’t about pushing people, trying to make them do your bidding. Leadership is about pull – pulling people along with you. The real leadership question is: Will others WANT to follow you? Read More

Leadership Team Development Versus Team-Building Events: What’s the best way to build lasting trust among teams?
By: Glenn Marczewski

Training teams to work well together requires more time and depth than trust falls, ropes and challenges courses or “Silly Hat” exercises can provide. What does it take to stop leadership team dysfunction and help employees work together better? Read More

Knowledge Transfer: Is Your Company Vulnerable to Brain Drain?
By: Nancy Lewis

Knowledge transfer is becoming increasingly more critical as more and more veterans and baby boomers retire. Here’s how your company can plan for succession – even when it’s unexpected. Read More

The Power of Connection: Five Ways to Show Your Team They Add Value
By: Patrice McGuire

Want to know one simple but effective secret to gaining the respect of your employees, reducing the chances they’ll look for another job, thus reducing turnover and improving productivity? Read More

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