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6 Strategies for Managing the Retiring Workforce
By: Patrice McGuire

As the last of the Baby Boomers get ready for retirement, many leaders lack preparedness to make this transition a successful one for both the retiree and the employer. Here are six strategies to help employees near retirement stay engaged and productive rather than coasting through until the end. Read More

Having the Right Conversation
By: Patrice McGuire

Leaders at all levels often struggle when they need to have accountability conversations with employees. Perhaps you have an employee who isn’t meeting performance expectations. You have several conversations with this individual and their performance hasn’t gotten better. Read More

Leading Remote Teams - Staying Connected Despite the Distance
By: Patrice McGuire

As a leader you must be mindful and intentional in leading from afar. “Out of sight, out of mind” doesn’t work well if you want to keep your remote workers engaged and productive. Here are 6 strategies to manage remote teams: Read More

The Power of Connection: Five Ways to Show Your Team They Add Value
By: Patrice McGuire

Want to know one simple but effective secret to gaining the respect of your employees, reducing the chances they’ll look for another job, thus reducing turnover and improving productivity? Read More

5 Keys to Creating a Positive Culture in Your Family-Owned Business
By: Patrice McGuire

Family dynamics and a lack of intentional planning around succession pose unique challenges for family-owned businesses. Here are 5 keys to improving culture for the benefit of your employees and your family's legacy. Read More

Rotate the Bald Tire
By: Patrice McGuire

In this week’s post, Rotate the Bald Tire, we discuss how negative, toxic employees can do a lot of damage to your company and we provide a path to handle these challenging coworkers. Read More

Meaningful Meaning
By: Patrice McGuire

You’ve had a productive week. You’ve worked hard and look forward to the weekend of socializing and relaxing. You’re about to leave the office and you notice a voice mail message has been left. You hesitate and decide to pick it up. It’s a message…from your boss. Read More

Cracking the Conflict Code
By: Patrice McGuire

How much is the avoidance of conflict costing your organization? Wasted time. Lost time. Turnover. Disengagement. Reputation. Quality. Even the word “conflict” suggests a fight, battle or struggle. When individuals approach a situation with the anticipation of conflict, chances are they will come prepared to defend, argue, blame or justify. The alternative is they will minimize or water down their truth or even avoid the situation all together. What does this cost your organization? Read More

Coach or Critic?
By: Patrice McGuire

I have coached girls softball for nearly 15 years. I have witnessed players develop and excel in the sport, and I’ve seen others leave the field at the end of a season to never play again. Read More



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