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Block Time for Your “Big Rocks”
By: John Rutkiewicz

If you identify your most important projects, goals and initiatives, but you don’t make time for them, nothing changes. You’re still trapped in the whirlwind of too much “stuff” to do and the feelings of exasperation, futility and stress that often come with it. Read More

Think 20%: Taming the Whirlwind at Work
By: John Rutkiewicz

John Rutkiewicz shares what he has found to be the greatest risk to our organizations. It’s not a lack of strategy, passion or commitment. The greatest risk to our organizations is… Read More

4 Ways Leadership Involves Change
By: John Rutkiewicz

Leadership requires you to mindfully drive change in ways that engage, motivate and provide deeper enjoyment for your people.  In this week’s post, John Rutkiewicz shares four ways in which you as a leader can foster change in your team and organization. Read More

Your Boss Just Gave You an Objective. Now What?
By: John Rutkiewicz

The other day, a leader I coach – we’ll call him Jim – said to me: “My boss gives broad direction about what I’m supposed to accomplish, but she doesn’t give details about what she wants to see. At the end of December, she said, ‘Next year, I want you to increase distributor sales.’ “What am I supposed to do with that?” Read More

5 Rules for Being a Person Others Want to Follow
By: John Rutkiewicz

Leadership isn’t about pushing people, trying to make them do your bidding. Leadership is about pull – pulling people along with you. The real leadership question is: Will others WANT to follow you? Read More

“The Platinum Rule”: A new leadership mindset for improved work and personal relationships
By: John Rutkiewicz

Forget the “golden rule.” Do this instead to create better relationships and have more impact in life, work, and your relationships. Read More

Every Leader Needs Feedback (Including YOU): 4 Reasons and 6 Tips
By: John Rutkiewicz

Without feedback, you can’t fully know the impact you’re having on those you lead. You can’t know whether your actions, behaviors and “leadership style” are hitting the mark and resonating with your people, so they’re positioned to give you their best. And what’s scariest of all, without feedback, your tendency will be to think everything is just fine. But you might be fooling yourself. Read More

Leadership is Simple but Not Easy
By: John Rutkiewicz

Continuing on from “The Two Oars of Leadership,” John explains how to practice the balance between focusing on people and results. Read More

The Two Oars of Leadership
By: John Rutkiewicz

In part one of a two-part series, Leadership Coach and Facilitator John Rutkiewicz lays out a blended, balanced approach to leadership that marries the needs of your team with your need for business results. Read More

The 3 Elements of Leadership
By: John Rutkiewicz

When I deliver leadership training for brand-new supervisors, I use an exercise to kick off our first session. I ask everyone to write two words on a piece of paper: "Leadership is...." Then I have them finish the phrase with their own definitions, drawing from their beliefs, experiences and perspectives. Over the years, having done this exercise with hundreds of new leaders, I've noticed a trend Read More

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