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Be The Pack Leader Part Two:
By: Rick Piraino

Coach and facilitator Rick Piraino expands on his last blog post about the leadership lessons he has learned from Cesar Millan of Dog Whisperer fame. Read More

Be the Pack Leader
By: Rick Piraino

I’ve been reading Cesar’s Way by Cesar Millan of “Dog Whisperer” fame and it has taught me some interesting new things about leadership. Dogs are tuned in to energy and communicate with each other through it. Let’s learn what we can from man’s best friend and see what we can apply to our work life. Read More

Success Checks: How to Follow-up with Employees so They Don’t Drop the Ball
By: Rick Piraino

In the Harvard Business Review article, “Your Coaching Is Only as Good as Your Follow-Up Skills,” it states: “No matter how successful a coaching session feels while it’s underway, if it doesn’t lead to change after it’s over, it hasn’t been effective.” Often, employee agreements to achieve goals or make change represent goodwill but not good strategy. Read More

Learn the Role of Sacrifice and Great Leadership
By: Rick Piraino

Leadership puts us on a public stage where our worst, as well as our best service, is on display. The places where we are not at our best may stand out to us in greater contrast and pinpoint areas for our ongoing development. If you want to be a better leader, you must turn from self-serving ways and learn the role of sacrifice. Read More

Change Your Success – Gratitude Paradigm
By: Rick Piraino

As author Shawn Achor stated in his TED talk, “If happiness is on the opposite side of success, your brain never gets there. We've pushed happiness over the cognitive horizon, as a society. And that's because we think we have to be successful, then we'll be happier." This week we look at a paradigm shift that brings happiness before achievement, leading to measurably greater success. Read More

Confrontation Versus Coaching
By: Rick Piraino

It’s easy to confuse coaching with confronting an employee, but not knowing the crucial differences can damage feelings, morale and productivity, and ultimately, cause valuable people to leave your organization. (Includes Bonus Infographic) Read More

Dealing with the Workplace Bully [with infographic]
By: Rick Piraino

My daughter came home from her student teaching experience and described a tough situation. A teacher yelled at her in the teacher’s staff room about the behavior of one of my daughter’s students. Read More

The Leadership Double-Bind
By: Rick Piraino

Leaders can get caught in a double bind: Do I achieve the goal at the expense of the relationship or do I preserve the relationship at the expense of the goal? Tough choice isn't it? A double bind is a choice between two undesirable actions. Either choice precludes the possibility of success. Read More

Engagement: The Missing Link
By: Rick Piraino

Engagement is a hot topic in leadership awareness these days. Let me offer a different spin on it by linking it to the notion of honoring chain of command. Let’s begin with definitions. Engaged employees care about and are committed to their work, their boss and their company. Chain of command is honored when leaders work through the leaders below them to get results. Read More

Leadership Under the Microscope
By: Rick Piraino

Leaders are under a microscope. Can you feel it? Employees are tuned in to their leaders. They watch trying to read their manager's mood, level of satisfaction or upset, response to how the last meeting went, etc. With partial information they often fill in the blanks with worst-case scenarios. Read More



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