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The power of positive recognition
By: Alison Matthey

As a manager of people, there is a lot to think about. You’re not just looking out for yourself, but you have responsibility for budgets, clients, business objectives, sales quotas and various other performance measurements. Yes, being the boss has a ton of responsibility, but it’s people—your people—that make success or failure happen. Read More

Be present if you want to show your employees are valued
By: Kirsty Grace

Feeling undervalued? Not much has changed in the last two years. In 2016, research by Investors in People showed one of the top two reasons for an unhappy workforce was not feeling valued. Two years later, although it has dropped to the third most important factor in driving attrition, the rate of feeling undervalued remains the same at 39%. Read More

Leaders MUST be positive
By: Sean Olson

What is the first thought or reaction of people when you walk into the room? “Oh no, here he comes." “I wonder what she will complain about today?” “Maybe if I don’t make eye contact he will keep walking by.” “Here we go again.” Read More

Cracking the conflict code
By: Patrice McGuire

How much is the avoidance of conflict costing your organization? Wasted time. Lost time. Turnover. Disengagement. Reputation. Quality. Even the word “conflict” suggests a fight, battle or struggle. When individuals approach a situation with the anticipation of conflict, chances are they will come prepared to defend, argue, blame or justify. The alternative is they will minimize or water down their truth or even avoid the situation all together. What does this cost your organization? Read More

Engagement: The missing link
By: Rick Piraino

Engagement is a hot topic in leadership awareness these days. Let me offer a different spin on it by linking it to the notion of honoring chain of command. Let’s begin with definitions. Engaged employees care about and are committed to their work, their boss and their company. Chain of command is honored when leaders work through the leaders below them to get results. Read More

Confessions of a communicator
By: Melanie Romas

For years, I gave myself high scores as a communicator. I could present in front of a group, think on my feet, talk to anyone and even deliver bad news. I thought I had communication nailed. Then along came an incredible tool called feedback. Read More

Feedback? What’s the big deal anyway?!
By: Cindy Jansen

Most leaders suffer at the thought of giving feedback. There are times when our need to be liked may lead us to keep feedback bottled up. We lie awake at night, fully knowing we need to deliver feedback and we just can’t seem to drum up the words and/or the strength to do it. Read More

Leaders: Disrespect your people at your own risk
By: John Rutkiewicz

Ray, the vice president of operations, stood up suddenly from the conference table, his chair flying back into the wall. His managers in the room went silent. Ray pounded his fist on the table and yelled, "When the hell are you people going to get your act together? I'm sick and tired of seeing numbers like these. I've got a good mind to replace every last one of you idiots!" Read More

Embrace a recipe for employee retention
By: Aleta Norris

I received a phone call recently from a guy I would refer to as a highly talented, committed, hard-working professional. A top 10-percenter or probably more like 5. This is the "guy" HR professionals all over the greater Milwaukee area are trying to recruit. He said, "Aleta, I wonder if I could get your help. I need to make a change. Read More

Emerging leaders: From struggle to success
By: Alison Matthey

It is not uncommon in the workplace to promote star performers. The truth is, however, that a good technical worker is not necessarily a born leader. Newly selected leaders often experience an identity crisis due to lack of leadership development. Read More

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