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You may have heard it before: People join companies, they leave leaders. Through decades of working with leaders at all levels in organizations around the county, we’ve found this claim to be true. Employees most often leave because of their immediate manager.   Read More
For many of us, conflict is a dirty word. When people hear the word conflict, they often associate it to words like anger, disagreement, fighting, standstill, hostility. Fortunately, not all conflict is bad. Handled well, conflict between two people or parties can unleash tremendous creativity and innovation by getting different and even opposing ideas out on the table.   Read More
We routinely hear questions like these from leaders we work with: How can I be a better at giving my boss feedback? How can I get more of my boss's time? My boss won't develop me - how can I have that conversation? I don't know my boss's vision for me or the team - how can I get her to tell me?   Read More
According to the American Society for Training and Development, businesses in the United States spend close to $170 billion on leadership training each year. Yet, after training is complete, only 15 percent of the skills taught are applied on the job. That means American businesses waste more than $144 billion dollars annually on leadership training that doesn't stick.   Read More
We all know that leading a team can often feel like "herding cats." Every individual has his or her own needs, wants and agenda. Yet, for a team to work well, the team's members need to be willing to let go of their own individual needs so that the team as a collective can gel and perform.   Read More

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November 7, 2019
Learn about our signature services, the Living As A Leader Leadership Development System and Series. The System and Series, each built upon a combination of training plus coaching plus a variety of success assurances, equip leaders with tools to be intentional and confident in the choices they make, learning what to say and what to do to enhance their leadership effectiveness.  >>

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