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Manufacturing and Industrial Specialization

We Specialize In Developing Leaders In Manufacturing And Industrial Environments

Manufacturing and industrial companies choose our Leadership Development System because of the pragmatic nature of our curriculum, the experience and approachability of our facilitators and coaches and our expertise working with multiple levels of leadership, across all shifts and all sites.


What We Offer:

Our signature service, the Leadership Development System, is our process for transforming a collection of trained leaders into a sustainable leadership culture. We strive to equip all leaders at all levels with the same language, skills and approach in a steady-progress-over-time fashion. Having effective leaders throughout your organization helps increase profits and productivity. 


Leadership Development System Overview

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A Quick Look at the Leadership Development System:


Living As A Leader now offers comprehensive support for individual leaders who would like to become more effective on their own time. By combining eLearning courses with one-on-one conversations with your own leadership coach, leaders become more confident each day as they interact with their employees.


We are excited to be partnering with Association for Manufacturing Excellence (AME) to bring this service to the Emerging Leaders Program.


eLearning Leadership Development Series Overview 

eLearning Leadership Development Series Tell Me More


Watch a demo of an eLearning course:




What Do Our Customers Have To Say?

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If you’d like to know more about how Living As A Leader can help maximize your leadership effectiveness, contact us at OR if you’d prefer to talk to a live person, contact Steph Kotlarek or 414.704.9955.


Serving Clients Across The Nation

We currently serve organizations across the USA.


Learn how you can become certified in our Leadership Development System and bring Living As A Leader to your company. 


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