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Individual Leadership Development



Achieve the level of success sought by your organization.

Effective leaders understand how to strike a balance between holding employees accountable and inspiring them to excel. We offer tools, services and resources to help individual leaders do just that.


Public Offering Leadership Development Series

Our signature service is a comprehensive, steady-progress-over-time approach that equips leaders with depth and breadth of skill and knowledge. We apply a unique combination of training, coaching and success assurances. Public Offering Series are offered at various times throughout the year in multiple locations.  These groups are typically comprised of 20 – 24 leaders from multiple companies in any particular market. 

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Public Offering Leadership Development Series Overview

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Leadership Coaching

A strong coach is a key component for success, no matter what stage leaders are at in their careers. Our coaches provide one-on-one, individualized support, in combination with practical application and accountability.  Read what our framework for leadership coaching looks like.  


Graduate Resources

Leadership is a developed skill, one that needs to be given attention throughout a leader's entire career.  This is why many graduates of the Living As A Leader Leadership Development Series seek continued support to regularly gain new insights and hold themselves accountable as a successful leader of people.  We offer a variety of resources for graduates of the Series, based on the level of support they are looking for.  For details, download Graduate Resources.


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November 7, 2019
Learn about our signature services, the Living As A Leader Leadership Development System and Series. The System and Series, each built upon a combination of training plus coaching plus a variety of success assurances, equip leaders with tools to be intentional and confident in the choices they make, learning what to say and what to do to enhance their leadership effectiveness.  >>

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Learn how you can become certified in our Leadership Development System and bring Living As A Leader to your company. 


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