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Services tailored to fit your leaders and your organization.

Living As A Leader offers you a variety of custom services beyond classic training and coaching to support leaders at all levels. You can customize support for an individual leader or an entire team of leaders.


Because we can offer custom support in so many ways and to fit a variety of unique needs, the types of custom services change and vary over time.  Our most commonly requested custom services are described here.


For more information about the services described below or to discuss unique needs within your organization, please call Nancy Lewis at 414.708.1393.


Executive Team Development

To achieve overall executive team alignment and effectiveness, and individual leadership effectiveness of each member of the team, consider this customized service.  It's designed to support an executive team over the course of 18 to 24 months.    


Executive Team Development Fact Sheet


Elements of Executive Team Development: 

  • A core process
  • Custom design as an integral component within the core process
  • An excellent team of facilitators adept at meeting the team’s needs as they ebb and flow throughout the process

Process Dialogue

Designed for two individuals or two work teams to increase understanding, collaboration, communication and productivity when working together.  The process comprises a tightly facilitated series of development sessions:

  1. Information sharing
  2. Feedback 
  3. Action planning for greater productivity and success

360-Degree Feedback Assessment

Living As A Leader offers a comprehensive 360-degree feedback assessment for your leaders. This easy-to-use, online assessment tool captures both quantitative and qualitative data from the people who work with them. Our customized 360-degree feedback report provides your leaders with a better understanding of their effectiveness in areas of accountability, inspiration, coaching, feedback, humility, integrity, communication and overall leadership. Learn more about our 360-degree feedback assessment and how we can use it to improve leadership effectiveness with individuals and across teams, download the 360-Degree Feedback Assessment Fact Sheet.


Custom Coaching

Leadership coaching is a core service offered in our approach to leadership development, and it can be customized to individual leaders.  Coaching provides a unique opportunity for development at any stage of a leader’s career.  Even leaders who have completed the Leadership Development Series choose to continue working with a coach.  For details, download the Leadership Coaching Fact Sheet.


Performance Management Systems

Are you looking for a system to help you effectively manage the performance of your leaders and their staff?  Whether we partner with you or take the lead, we can design and implement your performance management system, and provide training and coaching to execute it.  Your organization’s competencies are built into the system.  


Keynote Speaking

Consider one of our experts for your annual conference, company-wide meeting or any event at which you would like leadership insights and tips delivered in an engaging style.  To request more information, please click here.


DISC Assessment

Behavioral styles of leaders have a material influence on their leadership effectiveness.  Living As A Leader is a certified distributor of the DISC assessment and utilizes the assessment in work with teams and individual leaders.  Learn more about DISC and how we can use it to help improve relationships and results, download the Understand Your Interpersonal Style Fact Sheet.

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November 7, 2019
Learn about our signature services, the Living As A Leader Leadership Development System and Series. The System and Series, each built upon a combination of training plus coaching plus a variety of success assurances, equip leaders with tools to be intentional and confident in the choices they make, learning what to say and what to do to enhance their leadership effectiveness.  >>

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