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Why Difficult Conversations Take A Bad Turn… and What To Do About It
By: Aleta Norris

What do you do if you’re having an uncomfortable conversation with your employee and they get mad, blame someone else, deny what you say or start crying? Here is how to handle these four predictable, not-so-great employee reactions to your candid, not-very-comfortable conversation. Read More

The Two Books All Leaders Must Read for 2019
By: Aleta Norris

You've undoubtedly heard the saying, "Leaders are readers," and most of us have read the great leadership classics by authors Steve Covey, Dale Carnegie and Sun Tzu. Here are two of this year's must-read books from authors that are bringing the latest in practical, transformational advice for leaders. Read More

Seven Nuggets to Strengthen Employee Engagement and Retention
By: Aleta Norris

In this blog, Aleta Norris shares seven small nuggets that make a big difference for improving the employee experience and increasing the likelihood that they will (happily) stay with your company for years to come. Read More

How to Prepare Yourself for a Leadership Role
By: Aleta Norris

Want to know what it takes to get promoted to a leadership position and be an effective leader? Aleta Norris shares six tips to land (and keep) the big promotion. Read More

Twelve Reasons Your Employees May Be Leaving
By: Aleta Norris

Aleta Norris shares twelve of the most common reasons employees start looking for another job and what it takes to keep good employees from leaving. Read More

The Parent Coach as Leader: Setting Clear Expectations for Kids and Parents
By: Aleta Norris

Like many of you, I was blessed with a seven-year pseudo career as a parent soccer coach from 1997 – 2004. I remember, frequently, turning to an assistant coach or reaching out to a player with the comment, “Remember, we’re not going to do that.” I paid as much attention to conduct and behavior as I did to skill and finesse. Read More

The Case for Corporate-Wide Coaching
By: Aleta Norris

Coaching can make a huge impact on ending soul-crushing performance reviews, workplace bullies and turnover, but what do you do if your organization isn’t equipped with willing and able coaches? Read More

Never Miss an Opportunity to Lead
By: Aleta Norris

I have been paying attention to leadership in all realms of life, intentionally, for almost 30 years. I see it all around me. I’ve observed it. I’ve read about it. I’ve researched it. I’ve responded to it. I’ve received it. I’ve provided it. I’ve criticized it. I’ve praised it. I’ve been happy in the midst of it, and I’ve been sad. Read More

Embrace a Recipe for Employee Retention
By: Aleta Norris

I received a phone call recently from a guy I would refer to as a highly talented, committed, hard-working professional. A top 10-percenter or probably more like 5. This is the "guy" HR professionals all over the greater Milwaukee area are trying to recruit. He said, "Aleta, I wonder if I could get your help. I need to make a change. Read More

Have These Conversations: Employees Appreciate Opportunity to Give Feedback
By: Aleta Norris

January is often a time of new resolutions. This is a good time for leaders AND employees to plan for a high-performance, high-satisfaction year. One part of your planning for the upcoming year (with EACH of your employees) should include an opportunity to reflect on 2017. Read More



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